Girls weekend away - Knysna Western Cape

It is Friday morning, waking up is not easy after a night out, flight to George is at 7h55 so I have to be at the airport at 6h55 only managed to sleep at 1h30 am cause that’s when I finished packing. Packing and unpacking is always a nightmare, I think there should be an app for packing and unpacking. I made it on time at the airport even had time to sit at the lounge for 45 min before boarding. One hour thirty minutes later we arrived in George it is raining but that didn’t dampen our mood, its a girls trip after all. We picked up our car from Avis car rental, we all knew that our luggage won’t fit even before we picked up the car. We had to make a plan. First stop Fancourt George for breakfast, Fancourt is beautiful the staff greeted us with smiles ushered us to our table, excitement is in the air we are here and its about to be a great weekend.

Knysna is an hour away from George. We arrived in Knysna and we are staying in Thesen Island, we are staying in a beach house, on the lagoon, beautifully furnished very big and spacious, with breathtaking views, we had our own private pool.

Saturday the weather was nice and warm, yay! we had breakfast at the East head cafe. The view is unbelievable, the food was fantastic
Canoeing, never tried it before, we have no instructor, all we have is canoeing gear, quick browse in “The University of Google” and we are good to go. It was scary at first but once you get the hang of it, its so much fun, all I was worried about was my weave if I tip over.
Ended the weekend with a relaxing spa pampering, we had an amazing weekend, it was a lovely bonding session that strengthen our friendship. Taking the time off our busy schedule was worth it, once in a while I recommend a girls trip